Rebill saves and store safely your customer's payment details so recurring payments can be done without having to trouble the customer by asking those details all over againg.

From the Dashboard, you will be able to create new subscriptions on-demand to your customers once they've had a successful payment in Rebill or creating subscriptions by kwoing the customer's payment details, as is common in Telemarketing business models. The following steps will help you create subscriptions from the Dashboard:

  1. Click on 'Subscriptions'.

  2. Select the wished Product and Price from the dropdownlist.

    Bear in mind that if the price settings were not created before using this feature a pop up will allow you to create them at this stage. 💡

  3. Search and select the customer by using the customer's email and the search bar and the card. If there's no exiting card for this customer, which may be the case if this customer never had approved payments in this organization, you will be able to create it at this stage.

  4. Overview all details and click 'Create Subscription'.

Keep in mind 💡

The card cvv will be asked if the customer have never had approved payments using prices linked to a different payment gateway used than the used by the priced that allowed this customer to make his first historical payment.


User A created a subscription once using Price A, which is linked to Stripe.

The card cvv will be asked if as a merchant, you wish to create a subscription to this customer using a Price B, which is linked to Mercado Pago or dLocal.

The card cvv will be also asked when trying to create subscriptions with prices linked to Mercado Pago, but different credentials or accounts.

Help yourself out by using this video tutorials with captions:

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