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It's a web client site, builded with React, capable of creating subscriptions, update cards and process payments.


**POST **


let a = {
"callback_url": "",
"customer": {
"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Connor",
"email": "",
"phone_areacode": "11",
"phone_number": "0000012389",
"birthday": "03/22/1994",
"region_id": 0,
"vat_type": "RI",
"vatID_number": "20000000000000023",
"personalID_type": "[*CI/LE/LC/DNI/Otro*] Insured personal ID",
"personalID_number": "30942694221",
"address_street": "Av. Rio de Janeiro",
"address_number": "20000",
"address_floor": "1333",
"address_apt": "A",
"address_zipcode": "0000",
"address_city": "Buenos Aires",
"address_province": "Buenos Aires",
"description": ""
"recipients": [
"type": "[*FIX] PERSON",
"name": "[*STRING] Insured Name",
"lastName": "[*STRING] Insured Surname",
"email": "[*STRING] Insured eMail",
"gender": "[*OPT:Masculino/Femenino] Insured gender",
"phone_areacode": "[NUMBER] Phone area code",
"phone_number": "[NUMBER] Phone number",
"birthday": "[*ISO-DATE] Insured birthday",
"vat_type": "[*OPT:CUIL/CUIT] Insured VAT type",
"vatID_number": "[*NUMBER] Insured VAT number",
"personalID_type": "[*CI/LE/LC/DNI*] Insured personal ID",
"personalID_number": "[*NUMBER] Insured ID number",
"address_street": "[*STRING] Insured street address",
"address_number": "[*NUMBER] Insured number address",
"address_floor": "[STRING] Insured floor address",
"address_apt": "[STRING] Insured apartment address",
"address_zipcode": "[*NUMBER] Insured ZIP code address",
"address_city": "[*STRING] Insured city address",
"address_province": "[*OPT:provinces] Insured province/state address",
"transaction": {
"plan_id": $planId,
"referral_code": $referral_code,
"external_reference": "smthg",
"gateway": "mercadopago_ar"

$planId = Id of the plan selected. This field is required.

$referral_code is the vendor's unique referral_code.

callback_url contains a URL, to which the user will be redirected after the process is completed. This field is optional.

gateway specifies the payment gateway to be used on this transaction, in this case "mercadopago_ar". This field is required.

The field customer contains details of the customer. This field is optional.

The container recipients is an array of recipients. This container is optional.

HTTP Request



It will take you to one of these processes depending on what URL query parameters you send it:

  • Update a Card and Renew Card, parameters:
  • Creating a Subscription, parameters:
  • Process Payments, parameters:


Update a Card:

Creating a Subscription: or

Process Payments:

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