Checkout Landing

It is a pre-made website which is capable of creating subscriptions, updating cards and processing payments.

The domain can be customized, and according to the domain from which the you connects, the logo of the corresponding organization is loaded.


The page has Spanish and English language. By default it is in Spanish, but if you want you can define the default language in English by adding the /en parameter in the URL, example:

We can also include the /es parameter if we want to pre-assign the Spanish language, however, although we do not clarify the parameter, the default language will be Spanish.

Query parameters and use cases




Create subscription

  • planid, it is the id that has the plan.

Update or renew a card

  • cuid, it is the customer id.

  • caid, it is the card id.

  • token, it is the customer's session permission.

Process a payment

  • pid, it is the payment id.

  • token, it is the customer's session permission.

Query parameters and special cases




Redirection to external site

  • callback_url, it is the URL address to which you want to send the customer in case of successfully processing a payment or creating a subscription. Remember that the URL must start with the https or http protocol as appropriate for the redirection to be correct.

Customer data pre-allocation

You can complete all or only the parameters that you want the page not to ask your client:

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • email

  • documentType, it is the type of documentation (take into account the table of documents according to the country where it operates to assign the value to this parameter).

  • documentNumber, it is the respective numeric value (without symbols) of the document.

  • phoneAreaCode, it is the local area code (without country code).

  • phoneNumber

  • addressStreet

  • addressNumber

  • addressZipCode, it is the postal code (it must be a numeric value).

  • addressCity

  • addressRegion, it is the province, region or state.ón&addressZipCode=1234&addressNumber=1024&addressCity=San%20Miguel&addressRegion=Buenos%20Aires

Visibility of customer data pre-allocation fields

  • displayFilledFields, if you add this parameter with the value true, your client will be shown the fields that were pre-assigned but will not allow him to modify them. If you do not enter this field or enter it with the value false, the pre-assigned fields will be hidden from your customer.

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