The communication with your customers is as important as doing it through the appropriate channels. In order to transmit the information easily and effectively, Rebill provides email templates which you can customize with your own brand and communication style, and set them to be triggered automatically.

Managing email communication builds trust in your customers and grows your business.

Why? Emails have the power to reactivate inactive accounts, generate new subscriptions, report expirations, debts, and guarantee the flow of income.

Provide your customers with the high quality attention they deserve, and makes them love you.

In the "Email Templates" section you can:

  • Send personalized emails to customers based on region, plan, or what you need.

  • Send marketing emails if you want to announce something universal like a price change or a compliance communication

  • Drive conversions by sending relevant reminders to customers based on the lifetime of the subscription

  • Enhance the customer experience with creative templates and subject lines for renewals, refunds, payment reminders, and more.

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